Semiconductor Device Testing

ASE provides a complete range of semiconductor testing services to our customers, such as back-end engineering testing, wafer probing, final testing of logic, mixed signal, and memory semiconductors, along with other test-related providers. Battery voltage is applied through contact 52 to intersection 54, and induces current to flow in two paths in junction 54 to ground. The device 10 is then permitted to return to room temperature and could be aided by utilizing small pulses of current to generate heat inside the device 10. Once the apparatus 10 is again at room temperature, it is removed and another unit is inserted into the test socket 12.

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This attribute is useful for measuring the voltage peaks across the commutator capacitor for the power SCRs in an electric car, for example. Three-terminal devices such as transistors and FETs additionally use a link to the control terminal of the device being tested like the Base or Gate terminal. The memory module 15 is inserted directly into a socket 153 mounted on a mother board 151.

The handler may connect semiconductor apparatus to the tester, perform electrical tests, and type the semiconductor apparatus according to electric test results. A system in accordance with the present invention includes a circuit board having circuitry adapted to provide an actual working environment for the semiconductor device, as for instance, a low cost mother board for analyzing memory devices.

The absence of space around the socket 153 also makes it impossible to automate the insertion and removal of this memory module. Therefore, the capacitance of the capacitor under test is about the amount of Time required to extinguish LED 45, and a graph indicating capacitance versus time can readily be developed corresponding to the values of these circuit elements used in the evaluation device.

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Contemporary curve tracers often contain mechanical defenses and interlocks that make it more difficult for the operator to come into contact with hazardous voltages or currents. For example, it can be employed to create a test environment for the semiconductor devices (in this example, memory devices) inside the sockets 31 that are real operating conditions that the apparatus might encounter on the circuit board.

An illustration of such an interface board is revealed in Korean Patent Application No. 2000-20653 qualified Interface Board And Test Method For Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Devices Utilizing The same." Which is incorporated by reference, and U.S. patent application Ser. Coupling an interface board to the back side the circuit board; and.

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